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We believe that every author should ultimately be able to own their own full music copyright. After all, it all starts with your songs! As long as you are affiliated with b-kube music publishing, you are also entitled to a profit distribution from the 'KUBE'. The KUBE is our honey pot that fills up every year. A cooperative approach!

your works, your rights

In most cases, an author enters into a music publishing agreement with a music publisher for the administration and exploitation of his copyrights for a specified period of time, but a transfer for Lifetime of Copyright? Read: 70 years after the death of the longest living creator on the work…. We think that’s ridiculous!

But even a transfer for a specified period of 30 years we think is too long! In addition, we think that binding an author exclusively for a long time (they are often exclusive deals of 3 years, within which period you, as an author, therefore have to transfer all your works to the publisher and this transfer is then often valid for 30 years or even longer) does not always contribute to his/her development. It can get in the way.

the power of collaboration and real support

Current contracts in the music industry are often based on capturing an author (or artist) for as long as possible at the lowest possible cost. We do not believe in that. We see ourselves as a service provider and believe in the power of collaboration and real support.

If you work with us, we set up your own publishing company for you. We take care of those costs. We will enter into a co-editing and administration agreement together that lasts only 1 year and is renewed for another year each time, unless you no longer want to work with us. Then you simply terminate the agreement with us and easily spread your wings elsewhere as an author. Moreover, you take your own publishing company with it your share of songs.

We provide, among other things, the



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you share in the success of the member authors and thus of our publishing as a whole. we do it together. A cooperative approach!

The KUBE, capitalizing on each other's success

As long as you are affiliated with b-kube music publishing, you are also entitled to a profit distribution from the “KUBE. The KUBE is our honey pot that fills up every year. How? Because we deposit a percentage of our share of all the rights we represent (read: our co-edition share) into the KUBE. The proceeds are distributed annually to all affiliated authors. In this way, you can benefit from the success of the other authors and thus of our publishing company as a whole. After all, we do it together. A cooperative approach!

De kube

We do what we promise

Do you stop working with us? Then a reasonable retention period starts for the works you contributed. We may then represent those works together with your publisher for another x number of years. After all, we did do all the administration and helped you with development and exploitation during the years we worked together, so it’s reasonable that we get to earn on those rights for a while longer. By the way, the retention period is significantly shorter than is common in the market. Of course we would like to earn something, but it has to remain reasonable.

We do what we promise, because in the end, after all, it’s about your rights to your songs! So you can take your publishing company with you right away and are already quite protected and educated. After all, you will then be able to enter into agreements with other publishers from this publishing company and after our retention period has expired we will deliver our share back to you and you will again own 100% of the music publishing rights to your works.

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