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b-kube music support is our most flexible form of collaboration. We administer all your rights (Buma/Stemra, Sena & Norma) for only a 10% administration fee. You remain the owner of all your rights and simply receive your income directly through Buma/Stemra, Sena & Norma into your own bank account. Honest and transparent!

With Music Support you can also make use of free first-line legal advice by means of a quick scan of your contracts. Extensive contract negotiations are not included; for that you can use an expert lawyer from our network.

Twice a year you will receive an invoice from us for our commission (end of June and end of December).

You can end the collaboration at any time, after which we retain the right to our fee for another year (because registrations in year x are often paid the following year). Fair right?

What we do for you
We take care of your entire rights management & administration, so you can focus on making music!

What we do for you

  • 0 measurement: which works/recordings have ever been released, are all works/recordings notified, which are not?
  • Registration of works with Buma Stemra, Sena and where required Norma.
  • Passing on use of the music (in case of synchs, performances, set lists, Radio/TV etc.) to Buma Stemra, Sena & Norma.
  • Effectively administer your works and maximize revenue; by knowing how, when and what to claim.
  • Checking the settlements of Buma Stemra, Sena & Norma and comparing them with each other and any royalty statements to be supplied by you (via record company); Filing claims in case of underpayment!
    *For the record: we do not share in your royalties from record companies, that stays entirely with you!
  • Where necessary, we also provide legal support (no extensive deal negotiations or litigation), but small legal questions and get you started. We communicate clearly in advance when there are costs involved.
  • If necessary, we will help you set up your own label structure, music publishing company.
  • If you want, we will help you handle your publishing rights and sync requests (when not through your label or publisher.

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