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b-kube music puts songwriters and artists first! We serve songwriters and artists by truly and genuinely caring about their songs. By being honest, transparent and trustworthy. We believe in collaboration and genuine support. We believe songwriters and artists should ultimately own their publishing and master rights and create an environment for them where they can. Because it all starts with your song!

How we support you

music support

  • Administering your rights (Buma/Stemra, Sena en Norma)
  • 10% administration fee
  • Chasing your copyright monies
  • Contracts Quickscan/legal advice
  • Cancellable immediately (+1 year after collection)
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music publishing

  • Your own music publishing company (creation at our expense)
  • Cooperative publishing set-up of, for and by authors
  • Co-edition with b-kube music publishing (short retention periods)
  • Sharing in each other's success through the KUBE
  • Contracts Quickscan/legal advice
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talent development

  • Led by Producer/Songwriter Wouter Hardy
  • Personal talent plan
  • Branding / design support
  • First-line legal advice/dealmaking
  • You will become master owner

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