Sjors de Haas

Composing, Vocals

Sjors de Haas (also known as DEHAZE) is a singer / songwriter / producer. Currently he has his full focus on his artist project “DEHAZE”. You can describe it as dreamy piano based songs with a movie-like character. Together with Wouter Hardy he brought his debut EP to life where they pulled out all the stops. From recording a choir and organ in a church to recording strings in a concert hall.
What’s on the agenda now is finding the right release partners for the music. Also, syncs are high on the priority list since the music is very sync-able.


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  • Composing
  • Music Production
  • Songwriting
  • Toplines
  • Vocal Arrangements
  • Vocal Production


  • Keyboard
  • Piano
  • Vocals

Music styles

  • Alternative Sad Pop
  • Downtempo
  • Hiphop
  • New Acoustic
  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Soul