Pleun Bierbooms

Lyrics, Vocals

For as long as Pleun can remember, singing has been her greatest passion. It started at home in front of the mirror, behind the laptop or on the trampoline. The latter was where she was discovered singing. The bill her mother found in the mailbox turned out to be from Pleun’s later singing coach, saying, “I heard a girl singing, I heard talent.

“As a singer, I want to convey emotion, connect people and make the moment unforgettable.”

Pleun Bierbooms is a Dutch singer and writer and with her music she spreads a message of self-love and acceptance. Stories are turned into songs with a dreamy melancholic atmosphere and with her unique style she manages to touch and inspire listeners. Pleun’s music is made to tell stories and to make people feel that they are allowed to be there.


Portretfoto van Pleun Bierbooms

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  • Lyrics
  • Songwriting
  • Vocals


  • Vocals

Music styles

  • Ballade
  • Indiepop
  • Jazz
  • Pop