Daan Ligtvoet

Music Production, Songwriting

Donda Nisha or simply Donda is a writer, producer and singer mainly active in the Dutch and Flemish Pop scene.
In early 2019 he broke through as Snelle’s producer with the singles Scars and Plankgas, the following year singles like Reunion and Smoorverliefd followed which both reached the No. 1 position in the Dutch Top 40. Besides the success with Snelle, in recent years he produced for S10, KA, Nick & Simon, Pjotr, Jaap Reesema, Ammar, among others, and in 2022 he released the first Dutch-language project in Spatial Audio (Dolby Atmos), also his Solo debut as Donda.


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  • Music Production
  • Songwriting


  • Guitar

Music styles

  • Electronic
  • Hiphop
  • Pop


  • Octopi Music
  • Donda